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Anhydrous Riser Fill Station

Anhydrous Riser Fill Station


Single Boom Fill Station - Model NH3-FS1
Double Boom Fill Station - Model NH3-FS2
Double Boom Fill Station With 2' Longer Booms - NH3-FS2T (NEW)
Double-Twin Fill Station - NH3-FS4 (NEW)


  • The swing boom moves freely over the tank for quick filling.
  • Swing booms have a radius of approximately 180 degrees.
  • Fold out porch is counter-weighted for easy movement.
  • Fold out porch allows for easy access to the top of either a 1000 gal. or  1450 gas. tank.
  • Saves on coupling and hose repair.
  • No long hoses to drag or pull.
  • Steps and floors are made to prevent slipping when wet or icy.
  • Hand rails and guard rails provide for added safety.
  • Reduces the amount of fatigue during the busy season and enhances safety.
  • Double-Twin Fill station fills 2 side by side tanks on one wagon
  • 1000 gal. tanks or 1450 gal. tanks fit easily.
  • With a double boom, you can fill twice as fast.
  • Non-slip steps and platform.
  • Safety rails.
  • Easy hook up for hoses.
  • Pickups can easily pull up to riser with a nursetank.
  • Porch folds up easily when not in use.
  • When porch is folded up, this provides added safety by blocking the entrance to the riser.
  • Optional 12 foot catwalk available.

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